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Busted Flush!

The Thomas Crapper Myth


A superb, wonderfully informative and fascinating insight into the history of one of the most important and essential items that  we all take for granted.


As well as finally despatching the myth surrounding Thomas Crapper, this book is a charming combination of family memoir and a fascinating, sometimes seamy, social history of London. Alongside serious factual information, it is full of unexpectedly high drama – with tales of stolen glory, strange

goings-on in London cemeteries, bitter rivalries and the never-before-told story of Winston Churchill's bathroom and a piece of chewing gum.


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"  No-one is better placed than Geoffrey Pidgeon to write this book, which is both a most marvellous memoir as well as a superb slice of social history. With their 'Beaufort' WC of 1884, his family produced the forerunner of the lavatory as we know it today.


Hail to Geoffrey Pidgeon, the King of the water closet worldwide!


At last too, some important myths are finally being laid to rest as part of the extraordinary story of five generations of his family's all-important role in the evolution of the modern bathroom."


Lucinda Lambton

Writer and TV presenter

The Science Museum in London was built on the site of the International Inventions Exhibition of 1885. One section of the exhibition featured the latest innovations in sanitaryware design which had a direct influence on the development and improvement of the sanitation requirements of the growing London metropolis.
Recently, the Science Museum as part of a larger project, was keen to contact businesses that were originally involved in that exhibition and produce  documentaries on them.
As the original family business, Humphersons, exhibited there in 1885, the Science Museum came to AJP Bathrooms' showroom to interview and film Geoffrey Pidgeon, John’s father and other family members about their Victorian links. This short film is narrated by Geoffrey and gives a fascinating insight into the family history of five generations.


RIGHT: The large wall image in the showrooms is a picture of the actual Humphersons stand at the exhibition in 1885.

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